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What are the needs?

Many women in the Mokokchung District have lost their husbands to political violence, alcoholism, substance abuse and other health issues, particularly cancer.

As widows, they face social stigma and discrimination, and are often unwelcome in cultural activities. Without rights they are not able to access resources left by their husbands, such as property and inheritance. These women have very few prospects for their future. Unable to afford sending their children to school, these children end up participating in activities that later result in anti-social behaviours within society.

The pandemic was especially hard on this community. An imposed curfew, meager harvests, and struggles with mental health negatively impacted many widows and their families.

What can be done to help?

Participating widows will be provided with business skills training and given a loan to start their own businesses. Once the loan has been repaid the church will be able to use those funds to support other widows in this project. As these widows begin to provide for themselves, it allows them to live a dignified life in society, and affords their children the opportunity to go to school to excel in life.

How will your raised funds be used?

With your help, CBM seeks to bring real-life transformation to these widows and their children. Working alongside our partner we can address spiritual, economic, and social issues so that children can get an education and women are able to provide sufficiently for them. This provides great hope for a better future and gives witness to the real-life Good News of Jesus.


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