Helping restore dignity to women and youth in Kurada, India through vocational skills training and education opportunities.

What are the needs?

In the remote village of Kurada, India, most of the people are agricultural daily wage labourers living below the poverty line. There are no industries in this area and the nearest town is 25 km away. This village has very high rates of illiteracy and unemployment and, as a result, the people find themselves plagued by poverty, ill health, and a lack of educational opportunities. Many of the villagers find themselves trapped by a caste system and culture that keeps them in the cycle of poverty. Women face discrimination and do not have equal opportunities. Children and youth have access to sub-standard education, which hinders their opportunity for a better future.

What can be done to help?

CBM is partnered with Elim Compassion Ministries which serves the people of Kurada. As a result of this ministry women are acquiring new confidence and skills and can now earn a good income, which is leading to a greater sense of self-worth. Many of them are now able to contribute financially and are helping to improve the lives of their family members for the first time. Drop-out rates among children and youth are decreasing and more are now able to pursue higher educational opportunities.

How will your raised funds be used?

Your funds will help women and children in this village to have access to community support and educational opportunities that will help them develop in all areas of their life, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, colour and socio-economic status.

Those selected for this program are able to participate in the vocational skills training and tutoring classes. Some of the programming that has been offered includes: 

  • Tailoring
  • Leaf plate making
  • Goat and poultry rearing
  • Tutoring support services
  • Computer skills training
  • Vocational skills training such as driving, electrical and mobile mechanics

Through your support, Elim Compassion Ministries is helping restore dignity to women and youth and is helping to give them hope for a brighter future. 


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